How do I log Eventmaster URLs on the Console for my Irish Life Dublin Marathon entries?

As Eventmaster is the Official Fundraising Partner of the Irish Life Dublin Marathon, entry code issue is linked to individual Eventmaster fundraising page URLs, as codes are unique per runner. Here's how to log URLs.

  • STEP 1: Log into the Charity Console as per usual
  • STEP 2: Filter to your 'Accepted' runners by Status 
  • STEP 3: Choose the '...' symbol and select 'Update Fundraising Page'

Update fundraising page - Console

  • STEP 4: Add the URL, ensuring its a valid URL including the https or http 

Update fundraising page - Console

  • STEP 5: Hit 'Ok' to update. You'll receive an error message if your URL is invalid so make sure to input the full URL including https or http 

Why do I have to log Eventmaster URLs for my runners?

All online fundraising should be completed on Eventmaster pages as the Official Fundraising Platform of the Irish Life Dublin Marathon - this is why we ask charities to collate and input URLs for 'Accepted' runners (up to the deadline of 15th August 2024), as code issue is linked to the individual runner's fundraising page. 

In the case of exceptions whereby a runner does not have an Eventmaster fundraising page due to circumstances such as a gifted entry, a corporate sponsored entry or an entrant who is fundraising offline, you don't need to input their URL. Please just let us know, if you haven’t already, by emailing so this can be flagged with Eventmaster and codes can still be issued. Please also contact us for any other exceptions that may not be listed. 

None Eventmaster URLs do not need to be logged.