How does a runner secure a Charity Place?

For Official Charity Partner applications

To join your Official Charity Team there are two ways that a runner can secure their place. 

1) They complete an application via your Official Charity Listing, whereby they are 'applying to join your team'

- Once received you will assess the application within the realbuzz Charity Console and either Accept or Reject (there is a 3rd option for you to 'Review', should you need a little longer to decide'. 

- For accepted applications, you will manage the runner and ensure they hit their fundraising targets. Once the have, simply 'give them a place', at which point they will be sent all of the necessary joining instructions to claim their bib and officially join your team. 

2) A runner may have contacted your directly (outside of your Official Charity Listing), in that scenario you can simply import on mass or manually add each runner. From there, you would manage them as above and 'give them a place' once you are happy they have reached their fundraising target.